Let's celebrate
the last sunny days of summer!
(and my birthday)

Hejsan! This week might be the last time we have warm sunny weather this year, so let's celebrate my birthday in the garden while we can!


Next Wednesday (16 September 2020)

Come by anywhere between 16:00 and 23:00

Specifically, fika from 16:00, Flammkuchen dinner around 19:00*, and then just chilling until 23:00, when we kick you out because we want to be polite to the neighbors.

Feel free to bring snacks and drinks, but it is not required

*tell us if you have any allergies!


Our garden (you can ring the front door or just come in through the back)

Why aren't you telling us your address or phone nr?

This website is public and we don't want to dox ourselves too much. Besides, when we sent you the link you got our address and phone numbers, right?

Why not make a Facebook event?

We're too cool for that 😎

Also, Job had waaaaay too much fun making this silly little website 🤓